In the captivating world of editorial photography, mastering the art of lighting is not just a skill—it's an art form.

Beyond Shoots experts are thrilled to dive into the world of lighting setups with a focus on editorial shoots. Whether you're a budding photographer or a seasoned professional, these insights are designed to elevate your photography game, drive traffic to your offer, and above all make your clients happy.

1.      The Power of the Scrim: Soft Light for Soft Skin

Let us kick off with a game-changer in lighting setups—a 12 by 12 scrim. This will be the first set-up. The choice of scrim size directly influences the quality of light on your model, with larger scrims like the 12 by 12 offering a softer glow. This setup, illuminated by two Flashpoint lights (the AD600 and the AD400), is positioned to create a flattering light on the model's face and a captivating illumination on a side wall.

The secret? Keeping the lights close to the scrim for a softer effect, perfect for highlighting the model's skin without harsh contrasts.

2.      Camera Settings for Clarity

With the Canon R6 and a 24-70 lens, we emphasize the importance of camera settings in achieving the perfect shot. An f-stop of 13, a shutter speed of 1/125, and an ISO of 100 are meticulously chosen to cut out ambient light, ensuring that the flash's impact is precisely controlled. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that every shot captures the essence of the subject in stunning clarity.

3.      The Model's Role: Movement and Expression

A model's movement and expression can make or break a shoot. Beyond Shoots photographers’ collaboration with several professional and beginners’ model enable them to showcase the importance of subtle movements and a strong connection with the camera.

The goal is to create images that resonate with brands like Zara, where every pose and expression tells a story. A photographer's direction encourages the model to face the light and experiment with angles, capturing a range of emotions and movements that breathe life into each photograph.


4.      Affordable Lighting Solutions

Beyond Shoots’ approach demystifies the notion that high-quality editorial photography requires a hefty investment in equipment. By showcasing affordable lighting solutions like the 8 by 8 scrim and utilizing versatile lights like the Flashpoint AD400 and AD600, we prove that creativity and knowledge can compensate for budget constraints.

This approach not only makes professional photography more accessible but also encourages photographers to experiment with their setups without financial burden.

5.      Embracing Color and Contrast

The second setup, we introduce a three-light configuration, adding a silver umbrella and gels to create a captivating blue light effect. This setup, aims at enhancing the model's features and adding depth to the images, highlights the importance of color in editorial photography. The use of a grid on the lights narrows the spread, focusing the illumination precisely where it's needed—on the model.

6.      The Magnum Reflector: A Grungier Feel

The third setup simplifies further to a one-light configuration with a magnum reflector. This setup is all about contrast and shadow, aiming for a grungier feel that complements the model's outfit. Beyond Shoots’ choice of a high contrast lighting setup, combined with strategic positioning and camera angles, showcases the versatility of simple equipment in achieving a range of photographic styles.

In Conclusion:

Beyond Shoots is sharing more than just a guide to lighting setups; it's an invitation to view lighting as canvas for creative expression. Whether you're aiming for soft, flattering portraits or seeking to add drama and depth through contrast and color to your editorial photography, the key lies in understanding the tools at your disposal and how to manipulate them to achieve your vision.

For photographers and photography lovers looking to dive deeper into the art of editorial photography and explore more innovative lighting techniques, BeyondShoots.com is your go-to resource. With a focus on empowering our audience with knowledge and inspiration, Beyond Shoots experts are dedicated to helping you elevate your photography in general with a focus herein on editorial photography and captivate your audience with every shot.

Remember, in the world of photography, light is not just a component of the image—it's the essence that brings your vision to life.

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