Elevating Your Product Images should be your first goal and our experts at Beyond Shoots will help you every step of the way as in today's digital age, the art of e-commerce photography stands as a pivotal element in the success of online brands.

This complex and dual process involves more than just pointing and shooting; it's about capturing the essence of a product in a way that entices and engages potential customers. Join us as we delve into a detailed behind-the-scenes exploration of a recent shoot for one of our clients, a renowned brand, for their exquisite bags, and uncover the meticulous techniques and tools that bring their products to life online.

Our client brief was clear: capture both the front and back of each bag with impeccable clarity and detail.

1.      The Setup: Crafting the Perfect Shot

To achieve this, our Beyond Shoots experts opted for a white PVC backdrop, a sustainable choice that offers both durability and reusability, eliminating the waste associated with paper backdrops. The heart of our lighting setup was the Godox AD400 Pro, strategically positioned overhead to ensure even illumination. Paired with a 60x90 cm softbox, this setup guaranteed a soft, diffused light that accentuates the bags' textures without overpowering them.

2.      The Gear: Precision Meets Performance

The choice of camera can make or break a shoot, especially in the high-resolution world of e-commerce. For this project, the Sony SMM4 was my go-to, boasting a 33-megapixel sensor that offers the flexibility to crop images without sacrificing detail. Given that the final images were destined for online display, resizing to approximately 2 megapixels was planned, ensuring fast loading times without compromising on quality.

Lens selection was equally crucial. The 24-70 mm lens, set at f/11, provided a deep depth of field, ensuring every stitch and seam of the bags was in sharp focus, a non-negotiable for e-commerce imagery.

3.      The Process: From Capture to Customer

Capturing images is just the beginning…

The real magic happens in post-production, where software like Capture One plays a starring role. This powerful tool streamlines the workflow, from renaming and organizing to editing and exporting images. Its precision in adjusting white balance is unmatched, ensuring colors are true to life, a critical factor when shopping online.

During the shoot, a color checker was indispensable for achieving accurate white balance, ensuring the colors of the bags were represented faithfully. Attention to detail was paramount, from ensuring the bags were perfectly centered to removing any distracting elements, like wrapping around the handles.

4.      The Technique: Lighting and Composition

One challenge of photographing products on a white background is maintaining the integrity of the product's colors and textures. To address this, our Beyond Shoots experts employed a technique involving a white card to reflect light onto the metal logo, enhancing its visibility without overpowering the rest of the image.

This subtle manipulation of light made all the difference, bringing the bags' details to the forefront.


5.      Post-Production: The Final Touches

While Capture One facilitated initial edits, Photoshop was instrumental in fine-tuning the images. Whether it was adjusting the brightness of the bags' handles or ensuring the background was a pure white, Photoshop's advanced tools allowed for precise adjustments, ensuring each product looked its best.


In Conclusion:

E-commerce Photography is nowadays an art by itself.

This shoot exemplifies the meticulous attention to detail and technical expertise required in e-commerce photography. From the strategic use of lighting and equipment to the post-production finesse, every step is crucial in translating a physical product into an enticing digital image.

As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of online shopping, the role of high-quality product photography has never been more critical. Through creativity, precision, and a deep understanding of our clients' needs, we can create images that not only showcase products but also tell a story, inviting customers to explore and engage with brands in new and exciting ways.

Remember, the journey from studio to screen is both an art and a science, one that requires patience, practice, and a passion for bringing products to life. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or an e-commerce brand looking to enhance your online presence, the key is to keep shooting, keep experimenting, and never stop learning.

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